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First class mobile detailing company

with over 15 years experience.


In addition to our valeting centres, Clean2Gleam are a first class, comprehensive, mobile valeting / detailing company with over 20 years experience operating throughout London, the South East and South West of England.


At Clean2Gleam our staff are specially trained and certified by Autosmart International to ensure we offer our customers the best in quality of care, knowledge, professional service and attention to detail. We have full public liability insurance, so you know you can trust us with your prized possession from a Mini to an Aston Martin, no job is too big or too small.


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Automotive Event Valeting

Clean2Gleam offer a comprehensive onsite valeting service, carrying their own water and electricity enabling us to work in difficult locations e.g. airfields / exhibition hall and large events to include :


Air / boat / car shows /  sporting events / car manufacturers and dealerships / television and film industry / promotional events / launches and exhibitions / photo-shoots.


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Exhibition & Events: Clean2Gleam also offer a comprehensive onsite valeting service for a variety of larger events including car shows.


Automotive: Centers & Mobile PricingSpecial Stage Treatments Event Detailing


Our trained staff use only the best cleaning products and Clean2Gleam are proud to be associated with the following products:


Preparation Liquid

Active XL – The first of our new generation-chemistry TFR’s.  Advanced cleaning for both cars and trucks.  It’s ingenious “kinetic” formulation balances clean, foam and shine to give unbeatable performance.  Concentrated to provide the best results.


Wash & Wax 

AutowashA highly concentrated and economical neutral shampoo, designed for easy rinsing, leaving a streak free, gloss protection finish.


Duet – A neutral, superior wash and wax which has an excellent deep cleansing action for removing dirt and traffic residue.  Leaves a high wax, high gloss finish on paintwork, giving protection against the elements – ideal for one step car preparation.


TangoA versatile spray cleaner and dressing.  Tango polishes out soiling on door shuts, under bonnet and boot areas etc.  Applied diluted Tango to a car’s paintwork then rinse off with a pressure washer for excellent speed wax and dressing in one easy action.



High Style – Our most versatile dressing.  Leaves a weather resistant finish for all tyres, vinyl and plastics, inside and out.  Unbeatable gloss and lustre.


Kril II – A long life engine lacquer.  Designed for under bonnet use, it is non-yellowing and is both oil and heat resistant.  Also suitable as laquer dressing for bumpers.


Long Life Rubber Dressing – A lasting dressing which leaves a dry finish.  Designed for good condition tyres and rubbers.  Excellent weather resistance.


Glass Cleaning

Glass Clear – High quality, sprayable glass cleaner – the fastest way to clean glass – ammonia free.


20/20 – A foaming glass cleaner in aerosol form, quick and easy to use and produces a smear free, squeaky clean finish.


Wheel Cleaner 

Smart Wheels – A low hazard sprayable wheel cleaner, ideal for cleaning and renovating all wheel types including plastics, painted and alloys.



Bio-Brisk – Digests soiling such as grease, oil, protein and fat.  Ideal for fabrics or carpets, blocked sinks and drains.  Safely removes all biological soiling and odours including milk, blood, nicotine odour, urine and vomit.


Brisk Extra and Brisk Extra Low Foam – Luxury upholstery and fabric shampoo, containing fabric brighteners and conditioners to restore appearance and leave a “fresh” smell.



Carnauba Gold – A luxury paste polish, made from natural palm wax.  The deep long lasting lustre cannot be matched by synthetics.  Excellent for darker colours.


Mirror Image – A premium wax polish for use on used paintwork.  Restores, cleans and waxes in one operation, leaving a lasting shine.


Plantinum – A premium wax polish for new and quality used paintwork.  Quick and easy to use.  Platinum’s advanced polymers bond to the surface, making it weather resistant and giving a long-lasting deep shine.



Autofresh – A variety of pleasant fragrances to eliminate stale odours.  Long lasting, will not stain or mark vehicle interior.

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Car Offer – Save 25%

Car washed, remove tar, machine compound, remove light scratches, apply hard waxJust £149.00 (RRP £186.25).*

*Subject to availability. Offer not valid with any other or discount.

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Special Offer


UNTIl 1st November 2017


HULL – FREE HARD WAX £10 per.ft

*Subject to availability. Offer not valid with any other or discount.

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Monthly Boat Offer – FROM £50 Per Month

Keep your boat looking perfect all year round A professional detailing service at all marinas throughout the south. T&C’s apply


*Subject to availability. Offer not valid with any other or discount.

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Fully Insured


Clean2Gleam are fully insured by IRCM boat insurance and
are happy to recommend their insurance services to our customers:

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British Marine Federation


Clean2Gleam are members of the British Marine Federation:

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